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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Working in the U.S.   

posted by Kathi @ 9:20 AM
We get a lot of inquiries from people living abroad who would like to work a summer or winter in the U.S.

In order to work for the employers listed on Cool Works, you will need to have the appropriate work visa. Most of the foreign workers who work temporarily in the U.S.are foreign students and have a J-1 visa.

The J-1 Visa

There are twelve different categories of the J-1 Visa. The three most common categories for foreign workers who work for the employers listed on Cool Works are:
* The Work & Travel Visa - allows foreign students to work in the U.S. for four months in guest service positions.
* The Camp Counselor Visa - Allows foreign students to work at a summer camp as a camp counselor.
* The J-1 Trainee Visa - allows foreign students and professionals to train with a U.S.-based host organization for up to 18 months.The qualifications for these visas vary depending on your country of residence.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: It is best to contact an agency and begin the process of obtaining your work visa BEFORE you apply to any employers listed on Cool Works. Most employers prefer that you are already working through an agency.

All J-1 work visas require you to be a full-time university student or within 6 months of graduation.

Other Temporary Work Visas for the U.S.

The H2-B and Q-1 visas are also available to both students and non-students seeking temporary employment in the U.S.

* The H-2B Visa - Allows students and non-students to work as temporary or seasonal non-agricultural workers in the U.S. for up to 10 months. H-2B workers are able to return for multiple seasons year after year. Companies must be labor certified by their state Labor Department and the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to offer the H-2B visa.
* The Q-1 Visa – Allows temporary workers to share the history, culture and traditions of their home country with the American public for up to 15 months. Typical jobs include performing in a show featuring the participant's local culture at an amusement park. Both students and non-students are eligible for the Q-1 visa.

There are many sponsoring agencies you can contact to begin the process of obtaining your Visa. There are costs involved, and Cool Works recommends that you check with the different agencies to find the one that best fits your needs.

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